Perspex Secondary Double Glazing


Perspex is a fantastic material to use for double glazing your property. Why? - because generally the work is a simple DIY operation without the need for costly tools or professional services.


The Benefits of Perspex Secondary Double Glazing

• Generally a simple, inexpensive, DIY Installation.

• Perspex Secondary Double Glazing retains the exterior look of your property. This is particularly important if you live in an area that restricts changes to the outside of your property ie in a national park for instance.

• Perspex is much lighter in weight than glass making it easier to manage. It is also more flexible than glass, allowing you to achieve an airtight perimeter seal even on a fairly uneven wooden window frame.

• Clear cast acrylic is UV stable and will not 'yellow' over short periods of time. In fact, it is guaranteed not to cloud or yellow for at least 10 years. Perspex is also 96% translucent (clearer than glass) and so by installing Perspex Secondary Double Glazing there will not be any noticeable reduction in light into your interior rooms.

• Perspex secondary glazing provides the benefit of thermal insulation, thus reducing heat loss and saving you the expense of heating the street. It also stops draughts. With rising gas and electric costs, this is the primary reason that many of our customers install our secondary double glazing.

• Perspex Secondary Double Glazing provides better sound insulation, from both inside and outside the building. If you live near a busy road or a noisy industrial estate, the glazing will help to reduce the outside noise pollution

• Perspex Secondary Double Glazing provides added security – it's harder for a would be intruder to get through two panes of material than one! Whilst we generally provide Perspex for interior double glazing, we have on several occasions supplied polycarbonate glazing for church windows. This is installed on the outside of the building, covering the entire window surround. Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable and when installed on the outside of existing windows, provides secure protection from vandalism (throwing of stones etc)


So, how can we help with your DIY installation?

• We provide a cut to size perspex panel service. You don't need to buy a full 8'x4' sheet and have loads of material wasted at the end of the job. We will provide exactly what you need, cut within +/- 1mm of your exact window aperture sizes. As such, the cost from us is generally much lower. We offer as standard a 3mm thick Perspex Secondary Double Glazing panel, or a budget 2mm thick version.

• We also sell a fast fix magnetic fixing system known as 'Magnafix'. Magnafix comes in 2 parts; a self-adhesive white steel tape and a self-adhesive magnetic tape. It is generally better to mount the steel tape to the window frame and the' magnatape' to the Perspex glazing. (the rationale being that more window frames are painted white than wood stained) If you choose to remove your Perspex Secondary Double Glazing in the Spring season, all that remains visible is the white steel tape on the window frame.


Sizing, Quoting and ordering Perspex Secondary Double Glazing

1. Measure the inside surface edge of the window frame. Deduct 3-4mm to allow for plaster irregularities and thermal expansion of the Perspex.

2. Ask for a quote for your Perspex from via email at [email protected] or via telephone on 0844 504 9277. We provide the very best prices on the internet for acrylic secondary double glazing. If, on the rare occasion we are beaten on a quote (usually by a company offering inferior, non UV stable materials, we will do our absolute best to match or beat that quote for you. Please remember that we offer two thicknesses of acrylic, depending on your requirements; our standard 3mm Perspex and a 2mm thick economy version.

3. We will deliver using either our own vehicles or via TNT to any part of the UK. Most orders are despatched within 2 working days.


Fixing Instructions for Perspex Secondary Double Glazing

1. When your Perspex and 'magnafix' tapes arrive, lay the Perspex down on a flat working surface. Cut the tapes to allow them to fix around the outer surfaces of the Perspex. Remove the backing strip to the magnetic tape and carefully apply the tape to the Perspex panels.

2. When this has been completed on all four sides you are ready to apply the corresponding steel tape. Over the years, I have found that the easiest way to do this is to cut the steel tape to the exact same lengths as the 'magnatape'. Do not remove the backing tape just yet. Place the steel tape with the non adhesive side flat to the 'magnatape' on the Perspex panel.

3. When all four sides have been completed, carefully peel away the backing sheet to the steel tape. With help, carefully offer up the Perspex panel with tapes attached to the window frame. When in the required position, push all edges of the panel hard against the window frame. This will push the self adhesive steel tape on to the frame. Please allow a couple of hours for glues to cure. Easy! – Job done.


Please call us or email us if you need any further help or information. Tel 0844504 9277 or email [email protected]


Please note that the 'magnafix' fixing method is only suitable for 2mm Perspex Glazing up the size of 1200mm x 1000mm and for 3mm Perspex Glazing up to the size of 1000mm x 1000mm. If you require larger Perspex Secondary Doubling Panels, please call us to discuss your requirements


Cleaning and Maintenance of your Perspex Secondary Double Glazing

By its nature our Perspex Secondary Double Glazing is virtually maintenance free and will give you many years of trouble free service. When cleaning the Perspex panels, please use just warm water and a soft cloth; finally dry with a dry lint free cloth. Please apply only light pressure when cleaning the panels as acrylic will scratch if 'scrubbed' with force.



BEAT THE WINTER RUSH AND SAVE £££'s. Any Perspex Double Glazing ordered in the month of November will attract a 10% discount. Please contact us now for details.






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